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Add convenience, intelligence and unparalleled security to your existing applications. Your software or device can now quickly recognize users, secure access to data when the user is not visible, and personalize the user experience automatically and intelligently.

Leverage all the features of the strong, enterprise level technology present in FastAccess Enterprise (already used worldwide in healthcare, finance, and other high security organizations) in your own software package. Be creative in your implementation – FastAccess provides knowledge of who is in control of the application or device on a second by second basis. Use this knowledge to provide your users unparalleled convenience with the utmost in security.

For example, with hardware systems such as cash registers FastAccess can provide a verification of the user’s identity for your audit logs. For applications where identity may be less of a concern but an open computer or open software is an issue, FastAccess can be used to lock the device, or even hide or secure just the application when the user steps out of view.

Ideal for any software where security and convenience are priorities.

  • Medical Records Software
  • Process Control Workstations
  • User verification
  • Financial software
  • Any software where different users have access to different features or data

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