• Our devices aren't 30 years old...

    We should stop using security methods that are.


A Robust 3D & 2D Platform

Most authentication and biometric solutions on the market focus simply on replacing passwords - a technology that's decades old.

SensibleVision implements advanced AI, machine learning, proven face recognition, and the latest cameras to move beyond passwords with a solution that's secure, transparent, and provides robust personalization.

No tradeoffs with security, speed, and convenience make for a solution that people will embrace.


Truly Accurate, Reliable AI-based Security for 3D & 2D Cameras

Patented automatic learning uses artificial intelligence to transparently update a 3D model of the user's face to ensure accurate recognition even if they change their looks. This allows equal or better reliability compared to most passwords and other 2D or 3D face recognition solutions.


Advanced Recognition & Liveness Detection Using Existing Hardware

The FastAccess Face Recognition engine is optimized for the cameras already built into smartphones, PCs, and tablets, regardless of resolution and quality. Its can detect identical twins and advanced Liveness Detection methods stop photos and video from fooling it.


Works Wherever Users Are 

Our patented FaceBright technology uses light from the device screen for successful recognition in most low/no light situations. 


More Secure Than Passwords & Other Solutions 

Our fast and easy to use, patented two-factor security exceeds the accuracy of any single form of authentication while providing 100% protection against photo and video attacks. The speed and simplicity mean people will actually use it.             


Full-Time Security & Transparent Personalization 

Our patented continuous security confirms a user's identity constantly after login to enable fast user switching, unprecedented personalization, and security when a user steps away or sets their device down - things that passwords or other biometrics can’t do.


A Secure Platform

Up to 256-bit encryption protects all the user’s information along with advanced, high entropy encryption key creation.


Longer Battery Life

Battery and resource optimizations allow the FastAccess Platform to provides all these benefits on desktop and mobile devices without worrying about battery life. EcoAware features on Windows actively save battery life by sensing user activity and presence.



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