• Our devices aren't 30 years old...

    We should stop using security methods that are.


Innovations That Solve Real-World Problems

Sensible Vision has patented a number of unique technologies and approaches to make our products more
secure, efficient, and effective. This means a better, faster experience with features that the competition simply doesn't have.


Second Factor (US8,627,096)

We give the option to use any one of several second factors at the same time as your face is being recognized. This increases security dramatically while keeping login quick, convenient, and simple. Our patent is broad and covers ANY type of second factor (passwords, gestures, fingerprints, retina scans, voice recognition, etc) used with face recognition as a second factor.


FaceBright (US8,189,096)

FaceBright is our innovative feature that uses the screen of your laptop, phone, or tablet to add light to your face so that recognition is easier and more consistent in more lighting scenarios, including low light. Because of it, FastAccess can generally recognize you in complete darkness.


Continuous Face Recognition (US8,370,639)

This patent covers the methods we use to do continuous face recognition using a device's front-facing camera to compare a user's current appearance to a stored database of learned images.




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Patents Pending

Because Sensible Vision is always coming up with new and clever ways of solving real-world problems
and making our products better, other patents are in the works.