• Our devices aren't 30 years old...

    We should stop using security methods that are.


Protect Against Photo & Video Attacks 

Sensible Vision's "Liveness Detection" technology offers
the fastest authentication and the truly secure protection from photos & videos.


Eliminate the Weaknesses of Traditional Liveness Detection 

As a quick web search will reveal, typical Liveness Detection schemes can all be defeated, don’t work under all conditions, and most require 5-12 seconds or even longer to operate. At best, this negates the convenience of biometrics. At worst, it makes for an insecure solution. 

Our patented Liveness Detection approach builds on the proven security of multi-factor authentication to combine your face with a simultaneous second factor for the best combination of speed, convenience, and security. 


Only takes 1-3 seconds!

The benefits of multi-factor security without adding complexity and time


Five Generations of Refinement

With 11 years of experience and 5 generations of photo/video detection, Sensible Vision has surpassed the Liveness Detection techniques being touted today to bring you the ultimate, patented solution.

Others may implement the simplest, most obvious methods, but we provide actual security, convenience, and speed for the best user experience. 

Guard your sensitive personal information from easy hacks - you don't have to be a celebrity to appreciate our fast and secure protection for your digital assets.   



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