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What is the FastAccess Platform?

The FastAccess Platform is a series of technologies that allows apps, programs, and devices to be more convenient to use and more personalized to the user while improving overall security. Unlike a simple one-size-fits-all face recognition SDK, our platform adds patented technologies and solutions to provide a field-proven, easy-to-integrate solution into devices, apps, and programs. The FastAccess Platform provides the flexibility to operate in the cloud or locally on the device itself. Along with the platform, our partners benefit from over 9 years of successful implementations to ensure the most reliability and the best experience for their customers.

What makes FastAccess secure and reliable?

First, FastAccess provides accurate recognition with no errors on government and publicly-available face databases. More importantly, over the past 9 years FastAccess has proven itself accurate in the field with live users in actual varied lighting scenarios with their devices' built-in cameras.

See technical testing details.

Perhaps just as importantly, FastAccess includes technologies to constantly improve accuracy and performance, automatically accommodating changes in people's looks and usage environments.

Do people really use FastAccess?

Yes and that’s a key part of what makes FastAccess unique. Over 80% of the people who try FastAccess that was included on their PCs from a major computer OEM continue to use FastAccess 120 days later. Why? Because it's so convenient that it doesn't get in the way while still being very secure.

Can FastAccess work with existing cameras?

Yes, virtually any camera with a minimum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels will work. Cameras with higher dynamic range can allow FastAccess to perform in strong backlighting/sidelighting conditions that might otherwise prevent recognition.

Does FastAccess recognize people of different complexions and races?

Yes. Sensible Vision's patented technologies such as FaceBright help FastAccess provide fast accurate recognition for everyone, even with low/no light.

What is special about FastAccess two-factor security?

Simply put, it's fast. Unlike traditional second factor security, the patented FastAccess solution allows both factors to be entered at the same time. This results in the entire process being 1-3 seconds rather than 10-20 seconds for most other solutions. This speed and convenience means users will actually use it, giving them greater security.

How is FastAccess different from other face recognition and biometrics?

The FastAccess Platform provides true authentication, personalization, and continuous security. Other methods of authentication don’t know who you are even moments after login. Unlike standard face recognition SDKs, the platform is a fully-integrated solution providing patented technologies for enrollment, learning, secure template management, multi-factor security, photo rejection, continuous security, and lighting technology.

What is Continuous Security?

Continuous Security constantly authenticates and/or tracks a person after login for both security and convenience. This also allows FastAccess to detect when the user isn't present and secure the device.

What about photo and video spoofing?

Unlike other face recognition solutions and SDKs, the FastAccess Platform has advanced and useful protections against spoofing with photos and videos. First, the platform will reject most photo and videos with advanced image processing. This process typically takes less than a second unlike other techniques - such as requiring a user to blink for access. Of course, blinking is also easily fooled by a video. As an added layer of protection, FastAccess offers simultaneous and fast two-factor security to virtually eliminate any possibility of photo access.

Will FastAccess always recognize a person every single time?

Like passwords and other forms of authentication, certain conditions can block its use. But after an automatic and transparent learning period of a few days, FastAccess typically offers recognition rates greater than 98%. In the event that the camera is broken or extreme lighting conditions prevent use, FastAccess offers a fast, simple override method for authentication - which is almost as fast as using our face recognition with a second factor enabled.



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