Windows Support



Sensible Vision offers an extensive knowledgebase that will answer most questions. If you have a question not addressed here, please contact Sensible Vision using the information below.


Sensible Vision prides itself on providing excellent support. Emails sent during normal business hours (GMT -5) will be answered within 4 business hours or sooner. All emails sent outside of normal business hours will be answered within 4 hours of the start of the next business day.

Email support is available at

System Requirements

Supports PCs running Vista, Win7 32/64 bit and Win8 32/64 bit with a built-in or external webcam. The web login feature supports Firefox, Internet Explorer (Standard Desktop version only, not the full screen IE app on the Win8 Modern desktop) and Chrome.

Product Updates

FastAccess Anywhere will automatically notify you when updates are available.

You may manually check for updates at any time by opening the FastAccess Configuration Console, clicking the Advanced tab and then selecting "Check for Updates" on the left.