• Autodentity

    Drive conversion rates.
    Minimize shopper frustration.

    Autodentity's transparent, quick, & simple
    authentication eliminates barriers so customers
    can more easily do business with you.


Transparent Authentication & Login in Just 1-2 Seconds! 

Autodentity's Simultaneous Multi-Factor Authentication is based on 10 years of rigorous R&D and field testing - and millions of successful deployments on computers and mobile devices. Its patented facial recognition technology cannot be fooled with photographs or videos
and it allows your customers to confidently and quickly complete transactions.

It’s truly a secure solution that protects you and your customer even after the login.


70% of purchases initiated online are not completed.

So only 3 out of 10 people complete a purchase.



Users get impatient, apprehensive, and frustrated if your online purchase process isn't simple, quick, and secure.

A poor user experience is a surefire way to lower your revenue. 



Of all transactions initiated
on a mobile device...

... 97% are NOT COMPLETED!


Abandoned shopping carts occur in all sectors but top three are:




Autodentity fully supports your customer’s devices

It works on any Mac or Windows device with a Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browser- NO plugin required!
Easy integration into your existing iOS and Android Apps with a simple SDK.


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