• The Best Face Recognition
    is Now Even Better!

    Introducing the 5th Generation of FastAccess - our most accurate and advanced face recognition ever!


Log In to Windows & Websites with Your Face

How many passwords do you have? With FastAccess, it doesn't matter.
It remembers your passwords so you don't have to.

 Better AND faster recognition in FastAccess v5 means you type your passwords almost 4X less than before,
even in varying lighting conditions!


Try the newest version of the World's Best & Fastest
Face Recognition Software for Windows - for FREE!


Next-Generation Face Recognition Technology

FastAccess v5 can recognize you up to 2.5X faster  while being more accurate at the same settings as v4!

We've tuned v5 for speed and zero false recognitions at High/Maximum settings. That means stronger security than before with the same or better speed!




Share Devices & Media Like Never Before

When a family member hands you their device, it recognizes you and switches to your Windows account - your websites, your social networks, your photos and videos.

When you give it back to them, FastAccess lets them pick up exactly where they left off.

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Includes 1 Year of Mobile Face Recognition
with FREE Apps!

Stop typing passwords on your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®  and Android devices with a FREE year of FastAccess Sync Account.

Your Cloud Account keeps mobile site logins synced with all your Windows desktops and laptops everywhere you go! 



New, Streamlined Login Interface

A bigger video window with 2.5x smoother playback, simplified touch-friendly controls, and revised FaceBright low-light technology for a faster, smoother experience in all lighting conditions. 


New Glasses?

As your appearance or lighting changes, FastAccess will ask for your password so it can learn you even better over time. And now FastAccess v5 recognizes you more often with less learning required!


Stronger Photo & Video Rejection

FastAccess v4 already had industry-leading photo and video rejection. Our next-generation photo and video rejection in FastAccess v5 protects against even more attacks... and our patented, easy-to-use second factors make logging in fast and highly secure.


Expanded Website & Browser Support

FastAccess v5 works with the widest selection of websites and browsers. Run the most current versions of IE, Firefox, or Chrome and use your face to log in to the websites you use most.


Green Your PC!

Extend battery life and save energy with smart power management that knows when you're actively using your computer. The EcoAware feature tracks your face and can turn off your display or put your device to sleep when you step away. No more timers that shut things off in the middle of watching a movie!


Still Have Questions?

Visit our FAQ for more info or check out FastAccess Anywhere in action with these videos!