• 3DVerify

    Fool Proof, Spoof-Proof Face Authentication

    3DVerify is the first facial-recognition security technology purpose-built to support Simultaneous Multi-Factor Authentication on tablets and smartphones equipped with 3D cameras.


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Single-Factor Immunity to Video & Photo Attacks 

In constant development since 2009 and proven in the field since 2012,
3DVerify authenticates only a real face using today’s 3D cameras and sensors.
Unlike current face recognition solutions, 3DVerify is never fooled by photos, videos, masks, or mannequins.



Truly Secure, Truly Fool Proof

3DVerify confirms the presence of a real face at login. Human faces have contours. The depth information from the 3D camera identifies these nuances. Any object that lacks the depth characteristics of the authorized user’s face will be rejected.

This process is fast. Authentication is typically under 1 second after the camera provides depth information. For added security, optional patented Simultaneous Multi-Factor security is included.

Photo Cut-Out Detected


For ultimate performance, depth data can be used in conjunction with an RGB camera.

An Even Better Face Recognition Experience

3DVerify improves recognition rates while maintaining high accuracy. The field False Acceptance rate is 5.11-8 or better with quality depth information.

IR illumination allows 3DVerify to operate in low light. Secure authentication is possible in conditions that plague today’s RGB-only solutions.


Superior Continuous Security

3DVerify’s depth information improves the performance of our
security after login by keeping the device securely unlocked even if just the user’s profile is visible.


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