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Convenience & Security... Together at Last

Security solutions have been rejected by people for years because they're mostly inconvenient and slow.
But make it a fast, transparent part of their workflow and people will actually use it.


The Key to Compliance 

It's a seemingly simple idea - increase security while also speeding up a user's workflow and making their experience better. And yet, very few solutions are designed with convenience in mind.

For users to embrace security, it needs to do more than just be secure.   

And it also needs to do less - that is, not get in their way.

FastAccess breaks the mold and provides features that users love along with security that they'll actually use. 


A user walks up to a computer or picks up a tablet and is securely authenticated with transparent face recognition into the device as well as their own programs and sites. FastAccess is always on guard, making sure only the authorized user is present. When the next user steps up, all previous apps and data are instantly secured so that the new user's apps/programs can be quickly displayed.


Meet the highest levels of security and regulatory requirements 

while making the device more convenient for users. 

Surpass the security of passwords 

with continuous security after login, plus fast & convenient two-factor authentication. 

Make users happier and more secure 

by giving them great features plus better security that doesn't slow them down. 



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Finally a solution that provides
Security, Convenience, and Compliance.