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Solutions for the Real World

Security needs to be fast and easy for users... or it simply won't get used.

Typical biometrics are lab-optimized and many seem okay on paper but they're generally not convenient enough for real world use. Sensible Vision has developed our technologies to be both secure and simple - for the user as well as our partners.

The FastAccess Platform minimizes the need to type passwords but also includes convenience and personalization features that keep users coming back for more. Why? Because it uniquely adapts to the way that people use their devices today.

Partners can embed FastAccess within their products, employ FastAccess as an add-on module to extend their existing product offering, or integrate FastAccess into a service offering.


over 10 million

users have paid for FastAccess

12+ years

How long Sensible Vision has been developing & perfecting the FastAccess Platform

more than 80%

of users who try FastAccess and keep using it after six months


Stand Out From the Crowd With These Features and More


Protect devices and data after login.


Convenient so it gets used.


For devices, apps, or webpages -
even without user accounts.


Locally, in the cloud, or a combination. As fast as 100ms.

Password Replacement

Secure at the operating system, app,
or webpage level.

Battery Management

Save power based on user presence, not timers.

And that's just the beginning.

See what leveraging the FastAccess Platform can do for you, whether you're a 



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