• Give Your Users a Better Experience with Unprecedented Security

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Truly Personalized Operating Systems & Devices Have Arrived

Users have been adapting to their OS and devices for years.
It's finally time for them to return the favor.


Change How Users Interact With Their Devices

Imagine security and personalization so integrated into that individual apps and sites could automatically recognize and adapt to the user.  

No more relying on just user accounts for personalization.
No more typing passwords for login or websites.


A user opens their email, is automatically authenticated, then hands the device to another authorized user who opens their banking app, is recognized and has secure, instant access to their online banking. When the device is set down, it is secured. All on the same device - without switching accounts.


Customize ads and layouts within apps or webpages

to the person who is actually using the device at the moment.

Use existing, integrated device hardware or the latest 3D sensors

Optimized for the cameras that are already in almost every device.

Protect sensitive programs or sites individually

with extra security, including fast, simple two-factor authentication, wherever it's needed.



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All of this and more  becomes possible 
with FastAccess integrated into your OS or device.