• Give Your Users a Better Experience with Unprecedented Security

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Now Any Device is "Your Device"

Your apps and services are already available to users anywhere they go.
Now let them access those services by picking up any device... even if it's not theirs. 


The Cloud - Not Just for Apps & Storage 

The FastAccess Platform supports secure cloud-based authentication so any user can instantly and automatically access your services and apps with their data...on any device. 

Provide a quick, seamless experience for your users.

And do it with security that's strong enough for financial transactions but convenient enough that people will use it.


A user picks up a friend's tablet and opens a banking app. Almost instantly, they're recognized and granted secure access to their own account. They pass the tablet back to their friend who opens Facebook and sees their own personal news feed. Everyone's data is always safe and separate, even on the same device.


Improve security for your customers

while making your services more accessible and convenient to use.

Customize the experience & ads

by knowing who's using your service at all times.

Protect financial transactions & sensitive account data

with transparent security that users will embrace. 



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