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8-28-2019 > 

BLOG: Facial Recognition on Farms: How Farmers are Using Technology to Support the Industry

8-1-2019 > 

ARTICLE: "GCN" - Safety in biometric identification: Liveness detection technology

7-23-2019 > 

BLOG: Legacy of Fernando Corbató, inventor of the computer password, should be gone but not forgotten

7-9-2019 > 

ARTICLE: "TechNewsWorld" - FBI, ICE Turn Drivers' Licenses Into Facial Recognition Gold (featuring SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff)

6-17-2019 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Technology Today" - How AI and biometrics are driving next-generation authentication

4-1-2019 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - Tech giants and civil society seek to institutionalize AI ethics

3-7-2019 > 

ARTICLE: "FindBiometrics" - New ‘Race Blind’ Biometric Access Control System Aimed at Agriculture Sector

3-7-2019 > 

ARTICLE: "CloudWedge" - SensibleVision Protocol Removes Racial Bias and Ensures Safety of People, Animals and Food Production

2-5-2019 > 

ARTICLE: "TechTarget" - Smart biometric template storage often requires a hybrid approach

11-3-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "ChannelDrive" - SensibleVision is in the process of establishing a network of channel partners in India

10-30-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "TechHerald" - India is the leading adopter of face authentication technologies: SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff

10-18-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Digital Terminal" - More And More Organizations Deploying 3D Face Authentication As Part Of An Overall Security Strategy

10-17-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "ITNewsBuzz" - SensibleVision looking for partners who has passion for facial recognition

10-8-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Retail TouchPoints" - 3D Face Authentication: The Future Of Grab ‘N Go

10-3-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "CXO Today" - Aadhaar Program: Taking a New Look at Secure Identification

10-1-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Dataquest" - How Secure is The Data of Your Organization?

10-1-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "PCQuest" - AI + Continuous Security + Your Face = Secure Authentication

9-25-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Digital Terminal" - Indian Consumers Need Speed and Convenience from Facial Recognition

9-24-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "ITNewsBuzz" - SensibleVision Brings AI based FaceBright Technology to FaceRecognition

9-20-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "VARINDIA" - In the Biometric Universe, Colour Matters

8-27-2018 > 

BLOG: Just the Ticket

8-8-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "The Nilson Report" - SensibleVision: Facial Biometrics for Loyalty Programs

8-2-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "TechTarget" - Face recognition: Real 3D versus academic 2D

7-25-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff criticizes Microsoft call for facial recognition regulation

7-25-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "3D Adept" - 3D Face recognition Regulations: Will Microsoft accept SensibleVision’s help?

7-24-2018 > 

3D Face Recognition Pioneer SensibleVision Pushes Back on Microsoft’s Call for Government Regulation

7-13-2018 > 

BLOG: What’s In Store: How 3D Facial Recognition Can Transform Retail

6-21-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "PYMENTS" - Pay By Face: 3D Facial Recognition And Frictionless Checkout

6-20-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Forbes" - Technology Entrepreneurs Share How They Are Reinventing Industry (featuring SensibleVision CEO, George Brostoff)

6-20-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - SensibleVision launches 3D facial recognition payment system to replace cash and cards

6-19-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "FindBiometrics" - SensibleVision Applies Facial Recognition Tech to Naked Payments

6-19-2018 > 

SensibleVision: Your Face Is Your Credit Card

6-14-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "TechTarget" - 3D and IoT: Reducing identification friction

6-13-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - Separating the hype from the reality with SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff

5-29-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "PennyMac" - Security of IoT: Do Your Devices Compromise Your Home Privacy? (featuring SensibleVision CEO, George Brostoff)

5-14-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "insideBIGDATA" - Deep Learning at the Edge Drives New Models for Security

5-7-2018 > 

BLOG: How 3D Face Authentication Can Improve Auto Safety

5-3-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "TechTarget" - Diversity of data: The key to secure 3D face authentication

4-4-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Automoblog" - AI & Auto Safety: Separating Reality from Fantasy

3-30-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "TechTarget" - In-motion 3D face authentication: A new set of digital eyes to keep you safe

3-26-2018 > 

BLOG: The Future of Authentication is Here. It's Just Not Evenly Distributed

3-14-2018 > 

BLOG: The Focus Is Sharp In The City

3-8-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - View from Barcelona: My Take on the Mobile World Congress 2018

3-8-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "FixedOps Business" - The Impact of Facial Recognition Technology

3-6-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "TechTarget" - My car just told me to stop texting and watch the road!

3-2-2018 > 

BLOG: Accurate Facial Recognition Requires Accurate Data

2-26-2018 > 

BLOG: A Key Fob? In 2018? Really?

2-23-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "Dealerscope" - 3D Authentication is Poised to Transform Security

2-15-2018 > 

ARTICLE: "ECN" - 2018 Tech And Engineering Predictions (featuring SensibleVision CEO, George Brostoff)

1-12-2018 > 

BLOG: 5 Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2018

1-9-2018 > 

BLOG: Mobile Predictions for 2018

12-22-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "MySmartPrice" - How SensibleVision’s face recognition tech will help Android phones compete with Apple’s FaceID

12-14-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - Get ready for neural networks in your pocket

12-13-2017 > 

SensibleVision Delivers AI-based 3D Face Recognition to Smartphones

11-29-2017 > 

BLOG: Back to Square One: Why the iPhone X Security Hack is Devastating to E-Payments

11-27-2017 > 

3DVerify Outperforms Apple’s Flawed Face Recognition Solution

11-25-2017 > 

SensibleVision’s 3DVerify Delivers Multifactor Mobile Security

10-11-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Credit Union Journal" - Safe America CU mugs for facial recognition software

10-9-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "ECT News Network" - Android Devs May Follow Apple's Face ID Lead

10-6-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Clinical Informatics News" - 3D Facial Recognition Gives Healthcare Data A New Look

10-2-2017 > 

BLOG: Go Toward the Light!

9-28-2017 > 

3DVerify from SensibleVision Delivers Mobile Authentication in All Lighting Conditions

9-20-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Bloomberg Technology" - Thanks to Apple, 50-Year-Old Facial Recognition Goes Mainstream

9-20-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "MacRumors" - Facial Recognition Startups Report Increased Interest in Their Tech After Apple's Reveal of Face ID

9-13-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Sensors Online" - 3D Face Recognition Software Takes A Bite Out Of Apple's FaceID

9-13-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Healthcare IT News" - Ransomware and electronic records access, healthcare's biggest threats

9-13-2017 > 

BLOG: Apple 0, Everyone Else 1

9-12-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Dealerscope" - How 3D Scanning will Transform Mobile Authentication

9-11-2017 > 

pmd and SensibleVision present: The Future of 3D Facial Authentication

9-8-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "EE Times" - 3D Face Recognition is Here

9-7-2017 > 

SensibleVision Lets Mobile Device Makers Keep Pace with Apple’s 3D Authentication

8-24-2017 > 

BLOG: Follow the Leader

7-17-2017 > 

BLOG: 3D Has Come a Long Way: From Stereo Postcards to Robust Face Recognition Technology

7-13-2017 > 

BLOG: Modern Banking & Multi-Factor Facial Authentication

7-5-2017 > 

BLOG: The Future is Now

6-13-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Healthcare IT News" - Ransomware attacks highlight critical need to move beyond just usernames and passwords

6-7-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Planet Biometrics" - SensibleVision launches 3DVerify smartphone solution

6-7-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - SensibleVision releases facial recognition security technology with liveness detection

6-7-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "American Security today" - SensibleVision Launches 3DVerify Smartphone Solution

6-7-2017 > 

SensibleVision Launches 3DVerify to Drive Tablet and Smartphone Security

6-6-2017 > 

BLOG: Go Deep! (How 3D cameras are about to change mobile security forever...)

5-20-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Cyber Defense Magazine" - Multi-Factor Authentication and Mobile Devices Smart Security Makes Life Easier for Users...and Harder for Hackers

5-17-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - SensibleVision releases multi-factor face authentication solution for retailers

5-16-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Planet Biometrics" - SensibleVision launches face authentication tool for retail

5-15-2017 > 

Autodentity Delivers Secure Multi-Factor Face Authentication for Retailers

5-12-2017 > 

BLOG: Secure & Easy Customer Experiences Close More Deals Thanks to Face Authentication

4-18-2017 > 

BLOG: SensibleVision: The Cure for the Common Spoof (or Why Liveness Detection is Really Dead)

4-10-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Biometric Update" - SensibleVision uses a simultaneous multifactor authentication process to eliminate photo and video spoofing

4-10-2017 > 

ARTICLE: "Planet Biometrics" - SensibleVision launches ‘Spoof-Proof’ facial authentication solution

4-8-2017 > 

SensibleVision Launches “Spoof-Proof” Facial Authentication for Mobile and Desktop

3-28-2017 > 

ARTICLE: 3 Steps to Building User-Friendly and Secure Systems: Marrying Security and UX – The Unlikely Couple

3-21-2017 > 

BLOG: A Brief History of Biometrics

3-17-2017 > 

BLOG: Why Biometrics Haven't Taken Off

3-15-2017 > 

BLOG: Passwords? In 2017? Really?

3-6-2017 > 

ARTICLE: Biometrics and the bottom line

2-20-2017 > 

BLOG: The Real Cost of Fraud

2-15-2017 > 

BLOG: Why Facial Recognition Matters

9-10-2016 > 

Sensible Vision noted in two recent Gartner Hype Cycles.

9-6-2016 > 

BLOG: Keep Someone from Fooling Your Face Recognition with Facebook Photos 

8-26-2016 > 

ARTICLE: "Planet Biometrics" - Face Authentication System Provider Points to Liveness Detection Strengths

5-20-2016 > 

Sensible Vision hires Adapt IP Ventures to assist with the promotion and protection of its intellectual property.

4-7-2016 > 

Sensible Vision has new patent application for transparent authentication approved.

2-1-2016 > 

Sensible Vision updates its Android SDK with improved liveness detection (photo & video rejection). Contact us for more info about our SDKs

1-15-2016 > 

Sensible Vision releases its updated iOS and Android SDKs. New features include: local and server recognition & improved learning with even fewer false rejections. Contact us for more info about our SDKs.

12-31-2015 > 

Sensible Vision passes 10 million licenses.

10-26-2015 > 

Sensible Vision meets with and demonstrates its patented continuous security/multi-factor solutions to key participants at the Money2020-in Las Vegas.

5-5-2015 > 

Sensible Vision shows its proven, fast and simple authentication solution at CartesAmerica-Washington DC.

4-20-2015 > 

Sensible Vision demonstrates its industry leading simultaneous multi-factor to key industry partners at the RSA 2015 in San Francisco.

4-12-2015 > 

Sensible Vision demonstrates its healthcare-optimized continuous face authentication solutions with Enovate Medical at HIMSS 2015 in Chicago.

1-9-2015 > 

Sensible Vision announces it has over 9,000,000 licensed copies of FastAccess in the field.

12-2-2014 > 

Sensible Vision demonstrates its simple, secure, and fast multi-factor face authentication with Fisher International at 2014 Gartner IAM Summit-Las Vegas

9-5-2014 > 

Fast, Two-Factor Security from Sensible Vision Can Help Prevent Future "Celebrity Photo Leak" Situations for Services Like Apple iCloud

9-4-2014 > 

BLOG: Don't Let Them See YOU Naked: Why Convenient Two-Factor Security Matters

7-14-2014 > 

PODCAST: Sensible Vision's CEO and CTO Talk About Our Approach to Face Recognition

4-14-2014 > 

BLOG: No Heartbleed Here!

2-28-2014 > 

TechNewsWorld Examines Biometric Privacy with Sensible Vision CEO George Brostoff

2-28-2014 > 

BLOG: Busting Movie Myths: Face Recognition, Fingerprint, & Biometric Accuracy

1-29-2014 > 

BLOG: Who Owns YOUR Face? Sensible Vision's CEO discusses privacy issues.

12-12-2013 > 

Sensible Vision's Face Recognition is Faster and More Secure with FastAccess Anywhere Version 5.0

6-4-2013 > 

USA Today Reviews FastAccess Anywhere Face Recognition

5-24-2013 > 

FastAccess Anywhere Face Recognition Featured on 60 Minutes

3-5-2013 > 

FastAccess Face Recognition available on iTunes and Google Play

12-13-2012 > 

FastAccess Face Recognition named to PCWorld "The 100 Best Products of 2012" list

11-13-2012 > 

Sensible Vision’s 4th Generation Face Recognition Eliminates Passwords on Windows and All Your Mobile Devices

10-1-2012 > 

MaximumPC, Oct 2012 issue reviews Dell XPS One 27 with FastAccess

8-24-2012 > 

FastAccess Anywhere Review by PCWorld

7-10-2012 > 

FastAccess Review by the Seattle Examiner

2-28-2012 > 

Face Recognition for Mobile Devices to Demo at Mobile World Congress 2012

1-12-2012 > 

SecurityOrb Video of FastAccess Anywhere at CES 2012

1-4-2012 > 

Face Recognition for Mobile Devices to Demo at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 Wall of Apps

12-21-2011 >

Mobile Device Face Recognition Makes Semifinals of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 Mobile Apps Showdown

11-15-2011 >

Reliability of Face Recognition Software Varies with Manufacturer