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    Fool Proof, Spoof-Proof Face Authentication

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  • A New Face for Security

    Better Security.

    Better User Experiences.

    Better Business Results.

  • The Next Generation of
    Face Authentication

    Stop choosing between security, convenience, & personalization. The FastAccess™ Platform's breakthrough security and biometrics gives you all three for all your devices.


Say Goodbye to Security Tradeoffs

User-friendly approaches to security have always increased the likelihood of fraud and data breaches,
but protocols that were too stringent drove people away.

SensibleVision has created a whole new way for organizations to offer the highest quality security
while eliminating the intrusive factors that damage the user experience.


Proven with Over 10 million users  



Why SensibleVision?

Security is instant - users are verified immediately when they move in front of a computer or pick up a phone.

Security is constant - users are continuously recognized so as soon as they step away the device is secured. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing private information.

Security is invisible - users have great experiences because they don’t have to do anything. No passwords, no intrusive questions, no timers.

Security is everywhere - our technology works on computers, tablets, and laptops, and maintains the highest level of security on any device.