• Face Authentication
    That Can't Be Fooled

    Photos, videos, prints, masks: other solutions fear them.
    Our patented Liveness Detection methods do not.

  • The Next Generation of
    Face Authentication

    Stop choosing between security, convenience, & personalization. The FastAccess™ Platform's breakthrough security and biometrics gives you all three for all your devices.


Proven with Over 10 million users  





 A Security Breakthrough


Biometrics People Will Use 


A Personalized Experience

Know precisely who's using the app or device all the time, not just at the moment of login...and know when they step away.  
FastAccess is convenient so people will actually use it, unlike time-consuming passwords and fingerprints.        
Logging into an app becomes as simple as opening it. Everyone automatically sees their social media, their pictures, and their accounts. 


Say Hello to the Future

Pick up your phone and it recognizes you.
Open an app and it automatically logs you in.
Pass it to a family member and it logs them in to their apps.
Set it down and the device is secured.

This is the power of FastAccess.