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    Artificial Intelligence for Fool-Proof, Spoof-Proof Mobile Device Authentication

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    Patented AI biometric solutions give smartphone and IoT users convenient, personalized, & secure authentication
    - in two or three dimensions.


Next-Level Transparent AI Authentication

10+ years of R&D in AI and Neural Networks plus the power of today's 2D and 3D cameras drive
SensibleVision's spoof-proof security and device personalization for the Access Control, Financial Transactions, IoT, and mobile industries.

From banking to retail to healthcare, SensibleVision’s solutions increase customer satisfaction, enhance brand awareness, and
deliver positive business results for organizations around the world.


Proven with Over 30 million users  



Why SensibleVision?

Our solutions, 3DVerify, 3DSafe, Autodentity, and FastAccess, leverage the power of AI to quickly capture and process tremendous amounts of data across a range of parameters, delivering secure authentication beyond any existing solutions for any device with 3D or 2D cameras.

Security that just works - lighting, skin complexion, & spoofing with photos/videos are no problem for our industry-leading 3D solutions. Learn more... 

Security that's instant
- users are verified immediately when they move in front of a device.

Security that's constant - continuous recognition so the device is secured as soon as a user steps away, preventing unauthorized access to private information.

Security that's invisible - a great user experience means not having to do anything. No passwords, no intrusive questions, no timers.