Windows 10 Support


FastAccess is Win10 Compatible

FastAccess (v4.x and v5.x) already work with Windows 10.

Follow these steps for a smooth, trouble-free Windows 10 upgrade experience: 

1. Make sure FastAccess is ENABLED before you upgrade Windows.
2. If the Windows upgrade process asks you to "install updates," please agree to installing the updates.  

Updating FastAccess After Win10 Upgrade

After you upgrade to Windows 10, there should be a FastAccess update available that allows for an even better looking, faster performing face recognition experience in Windows 10 with improvements to Continuous Security.
FastAccess Anywhere will automatically notify you when updates are available - please install the update for the best results.  

You may manually check for updates at any time by opening the FastAccess Configuration Console, clicking the Advanced tab and then selecting "Check for Updates" on the left.

Version 4.001.223 (or higher) and 5.000.090 (or higher) contain these additional improvements.

Need Additional Support?

Please visit our general Windows Support page for other support-related issues.