• Sensible Vision

    Innovation for real-world users.


The Force Behind Sensible Vision

These are the people that continue to shape Sensible Vision's technology and products
into the best solutions on the market.


George Brostoff

Co-founder, CEO, & Director

Brostoff has been an industry-recognized entrepreneur in the computer, security, and communications industry for more than 20 years. He has founded three successful start-ups, including one public company.
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Cyrus Azar

Co-founder, CTO, & Director

Azar has over 30 years’ experience in software engineering and management. He has created groundbreaking technologies in areas such as image processing, data compression, networking, and home automation.
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Ilan Shmargad

VP Business Development

Shmargad has more than 25 years of leadership in technology startups and public companies, where he has developed and scaled businesses globally. He was a key member of companies that had exits of at least $100M.
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